A Look at the East Borrow Pit

A Look at the East Borrow Pit

The Project

  • The Regina Bypass team will use 15 million cubic metres of material – mostly dirt and sand – to create the embankments for the new bridges.


  • Presently Regina Bypass has more than 120 staff and 500 labourers.


East Borrow Pit

  • This includes dirt for to build up the access ramps on and off the highway and raIMG_1375mps up to the bridge structures.The East Borrow Pit os approximately 35 metres deep and about 200 metres wid


  • One and a half million cubic metres of dirt has been removed from the East Borrow Pit to date – we expect to move another 400,000 prior to the completion of the Bypass Project.


For video of the East Borrow Pit click here….


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