Roadside Development Permits

When building a structure, planting trees, constructing approaches or excavating near a provincial highway, you may need a roadside development permit.

A permit is needed for any work within 90 metres (m) (approximately 295 feet) of the property line (or right-of-way edge) of a provincial highway. This is done to:

  • Keep sight lines clear and provide safe driving;
  • Leave space for future highway improvements;
  • Control snow drifting; and
  • Maintain the integrity of the highway

The Regina Bypass and its associated service roads are considered provincial highways. A permit is needed from the Ministry of Highways to do any roadside works along the Regina Bypass. Please visit the following website for information on how to apply for a Roadside Development Permit:

Vehicle Related Permits from SGI

SGI issues permits for heavy trucks, including those that are overweight and over-dimensional. Please contact SGI’s permit office at the link below.