Regina Bypass Facts

Regina Bypass Facts

FACT SHEET – December 2016

The Regina Bypass is the largest transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan history. Once complete, it will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow people to safely travel to their destinations on Trans-Canada Highway near Regina.


The construction phase of the project for Regina Bypass will last until 2019 and includes:

  • 12 overpasses;
  • 40 kilometres of new four-lane highway;
  • 20 kilometres of resurfaced four-lane highway;
  • 55 kilometres of new service roads; and
  • Twinning of approximately five kilometres of Highway 6.



Since construction began on the Regina Bypass Project, a great deal of work has taken place, including:

  • More than 70,000 tonnes of material was used to repave over 24 kilometres of Highway 1 East.  – This is equivalent to the weight of approximately 40,000 passenger cars.


  • Regina Bypass Design Builders (RBDB) have already moved more than 5 million cubic metres of dirt.  – This is equivalent to nearly four times the amount of dirt that was removed in the Big Dig at Wascana Lake.


  • RBDB has crushed more than 1 million tonnes of gravel for paving.  – This is more than 1.4 million times the combined weight of the offensive line that started the season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


  • More than 350 utilities will be moved during the project – more than 65 per cent are now complete.


  • RBDB is currently using more than 60 rock trucks per day on the construction of the Regina Bypass.


  • Over 1.5 million hours without a lost time incident. – This is equivalent to more than 171 years.


  • Nearly 4,000 people have received a project-specific safety orientation.


Highway 1 West Interchange



  • The Highway 1 West interchange is a systems interchange that will carry traffic from Highway 1 to the Bypass at normal highway speeds (110 km/h).


  • The interchange will consist of eight bridges. One has been constructed while the other seven are currently under construction.


  • RBDB has used 5,500 metres of piles for the bridge work at the Highway 1 West interchange.  – This is equivalent to the height of nearly 10 CN Towers.


  • The upgrading of the Pinkie Road interchange utilizes the existing bridge, all of the earth that was moved in place during the interim interchange phase, as well as the salvaged pavement material. As part of the Regina Bypass Project, some parts of the existing interchange will be reconfigured.