Regina Bypass Facts

Regina Bypass Facts





The Regina Bypass is the largest transportation project in Saskatchewan history. Once complete, it will allow motorists to safely commute to their destinations on Highway 1 east of Regina and will reduce congestion in and around Regina.


The construction phase of the project for Regina Bypass will last until 2019 but the contact with the Government of Saskatchewan also calls for 30 years of road maintenance.


The Regina Bypass includes:

  • 12 overpasses
  • 40 kilometres of new four-lane highway
  • 20 kilometres of resurfaced four-lane highway
  • 55 kilometres of new service roads
  • Twinning of approximately five kilometres of Highway 6


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Since early works began last year and financial close was realized on August 5, 2015, Regina Bypass has:


  • Relocated 230 of 325 utility lines


  • Crushed 900,000 tonnes of gravel


  • Built up 3.3 million cubic metres of earth


  • Used close to 800,000 total man-hours on the project



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