Regina Bypass – Giving Back to the Community

Regina Bypass – Giving Back to the Community

At Regina Bypass, community involvement has always been an integral part of our culture. We believe in being “One Project One Team” and directly engaging in community investment programs and initiatives that help build the communities we work and live in.


Our team actively supports projects or events that make positive changes in our community and, more importantly, enrich lives. At Regina Bypass, we are proud to partner in local projects and initiatives that support safety and healthy lifestyles.

We strive to enhance where we work, live and play by taking an active role in innovative programs that positively impact quality of life.

Our culture of caring and teamwork can be found across the project as we actively support volunteer work and other initiatives taken by Bypass employees.  We’re very proud that our team members are dedicated to making a difference where they live and work.

As part of our 2018 community involvement plan, we have chosen to partner with Holy Rosary Community School to install a new play structure in the Cathedral Area. This play structure will be used by the entire community and will provide vital play options for children in the neighbourhood.

Our Bypass team would also like to thank the following community leaders for their contributions to the play structure:

Fries Tallman Lumber
Inland Concrete
Security Building Supplies 
Cat Rentals