Regina Bypass Safety Day 2019

Regina Bypass Safety Day 2019

Achieving Safety Goals

by RBDB Safety Team

In construction, we always have the goal to improve workplace safety and to get everyone home in the same healthy way they came into work, or better, every single day. One thing is for certain- it takes focused effort every single day to achieve this! Regina Bypass Design Builders


Safety records are usually tracked by days or employee hours since the last injury or incident occurred. Sometimes we track our progress through the number of inspections completed or how many BBS observations happened in the field.


While these tools may be good reminders of our successes, the truth is that it takes ‘in the moment’ dedication by every single person on the team, over a long period of time, to fully achieve this safety goal.


It is up to everyone to embrace the goal and to take action towards the goal. Incidents really are prevented one task at a time – it means doing one step, one work task, one safeguard, the right way each time it needs completed.


Making sure ourselves and our coworkers go home safely each day requires that each of us takes action in each task we do throughout each day to complete it in a safe and correct manner!