Roundabouts – What You Need To Know

Roundabouts – What You Need To Know

Balgonie Roundabouts


Here is what you need to know about the new Balgonie Roundabouts


  • The Balgonie interchange has been designed wide enough to accommodate farm equipment.


  • Roundabouts are designed to accommodate larger vehicles by allowing them to drive on the curbs and adjoining aprons.  This is a design feature common to roundabouts used across North America.


  • We along with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure are aware of some concerns with tires on large farm equipment getting scuffed on the curbs of the roundabouts.


  • This issue can be fixed by slightly modifying the curbs at the narrowest points to make it easier for large vehicles to drive on the curbs.


  • We are working with MHI to make these changes as soon as possible; however, our focus is on completing the construction of the interchanges along Highway 1 east.


  • We are are monitoring operations at the roundabouts to ensure drivers are guided through the interchange.


  • Travel for all road users; including those operating farm equipment, will be much safer once all of the interchanges are fully operational and traffic is restored to four lanes along Highway 1 east.