Safety Commitment Coin

Safety Commitment Coin

This special coin celebrates our outstanding achievement and will serve as a motivator, reminder and tribute to the commitment to safety each of us make when we leave our homes.

The Regina Bypass “Safety Commitment Coin” campaign was rolled out at each area’s monthly mass safety meeting to commemorate two million hours worked without a lost-time-incident.

As part of this milestone, all attendees will received a personal coin (also referred to as a “Challenge Coin”). Everyone will take part in a presentation that highlights the value of our commitment to safety.


Intent of the Campaign

Once an individual receives a Safety Commitment Coin, he or she is challenged to carry the coin on their person, whenever possible, as a reminder of their personal safety commitment. The Commitment Coin is heavy enough that if you’re carrying it, you have a physical reminder to stay safe.


Reinforcing the commitment

All personnel can be challenged as to whether they are currently carrying the coin. The challenge can be among crew members to help create team camaraderie or by supervisors and project management to reinforce a positive commitment to safety.



 The Safety Commitment Coin is a fun and proactive campaign to engage project personnel in regards to their commitment to safety. The coins can create a level of unity and positive morale around working safely. These rules and examples are not set in stone — be creative and have fun with the campaign!