Seeding and Spraying Program to Begin in June

Seeding and Spraying Program to Begin in June

Please be advised that Regina Bypass will begin its seeding and herbicide spraying program in June, weather permitting.

To keep you and your community informed, Regina Bypass will send out weekly updates on the locations where our team will be seeding and spraying.

While the application of herbicides is scheduled to begin in June, it will continue as required throughout the growing season.

Regina Bypass is currently performing a vegetation assessment around the project. Once the assessment is completed the team will decide which herbicides will be used for vegetation control. However, depending on the various types of weed growth, the type of herbicide used is subject to change.

As in previous years, the herbicide application will be applied to control weeds and to allow newly seeded grass to establish itself.

As part of the seeding and spraying program our Bypass Team will also ensure the following requirements are met.

• Prior to vegetation management on any highway right of way, residents with off premise dwellings within 30 metres from the point of application will be contacted for consent

• Signage will be posted, no less than 48 hours before, at the start and end of each area indicating vegetation management work and herbicide application

• Signage will be removed no sooner than 48 hours after the herbicide application is complete

• All pesticide applicators shall hold an industrial applicator’s licence

In some of the work areas, motorists may be subject to temporary lane closures and reduced speeds. To ensure the safety of our team members and the traveling public, please remember to slow down when traveling through our construction zones.

Updated information on our seeding and herbicide spraying program will be posted and updated on our website and twitter @reginabypass.

For further inquiries, please call our 24-hour contact center number at 1-844-257-7971.