The Balgonie Round Abouts

The Balgonie Round Abouts

Here is the information you need to know about the Balgonie Round Abouts.

What is a Roundabout?

  • A roundabout is a circular intersection in which traffic flows in one direction.


  • Compared to stop signs and traffic signals, roundabouts are safer and reduce delays.


  • Entering and exiting a roundabout is safe and easy.


Why a Roundabout?

  • As the area around Balgonie grows, traffic will increase.


  • The Balgonie roundabouts will accommodate the increased traffic volumes.


  • Roundabouts allow for the movement of large vehicles, such as semi-trailers, b-trains and large farm equipment.


How does it work?


  • Reduce speed to 30 km/h.
  • Yield to traffic already in the circle.
  • Follow traffic signs to your exit.
  • Signal on exit.
  • Large vehicles can drive on the inner shoulder, including semi-trailers, B-trains and large agricultural equipment.

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