Traffic Update: Speed Limits Along Hwy 1 East

Traffic Update: Speed Limits Along Hwy 1 East

We have had a few questions about the speed limits along Highway 1 East.

This information updates and clarifies the current speed limits and why they were implemented along Highway 1 East.

Regina Bypass appreciate the patience of the driving public.  The traffic accommodation measures designed and implemented by the Regina Bypass Design Builders are fully supported by MHI

Should you have any questions please call our 24-hour contact centre at 1-844-679-4828.


  • The reduced speed to 70 km/h between Gravel Pit Road and the City relates to the installation of the temporary traffic signals at the Gravel Pit Road intersection.


  • Traffic signals may are known to increase the number of rear end collisions depending on how drivers react to the driving environment. The driving environment has been significantly changed due to construction and the presence of work zones.


  • The reduced speed to 70 km/h is a safety measure. The reduced speed will significantly reduce collision severity in the event that a collision occurs.


  • The 70 km/h posted speed is consistent with the posted speed along Victoria Avenue east which is now extended to just east of the signalized intersection at Gravel Pit Road.


  • All construction zones are posted at 60 km/h


  • As construction work is geared up between the Pilot Butte Access Road overpass and the City of Regina additional work zones will be implemented which will necessitate a maximum speed of 60 km/h.


  • Given the longer distance between White City and Balgonie the posted speed was rasied to 80 km/h unless there are construction activities necessitating a 60 km/h work zone such as a temporary lane drop.


  • All median crossings will be removed by October 2017. The overpasses at Highway 46, Highway 48, and near Tower Road will be completed.


  • In addition plans are for the overpass at the Pilot Butte Access Road to be partially operational by October 2017 and will be fully opened to traffic in 2018.


  • Ultimately the speed will be posted at 110 km/h when all of the work is completed along Highway 1 east.